Congested areas over ashphalt

The Bon Secours Hospital in Galway contacted TWS in November 2011 to see if they could complete a job which would be fairly hazardous and complicated. TWS went to see what this job was and accepted the challenge.

The problem the Bon Secours had was they had a roof that needed to be renovated and waterproofed. One major obstacle was the fact that oxygen lines were running across the entire roof which meant the equipment was highly flammable.

Gas lines also ran across the system making the job at hand more challenging. None of these lines could be turned off for any amount of time as these supplies were being used in theatre, ICU and the wards.

Other companies were unable to do this sort of job as they were unable to offer the solution that TWS had. TWS were able to apply a liquid that would not pose a risk of fire and also due to BBA certification guaranteed a longer life for the job. Because of the system the Bon Secours decided to go with TWS who were able to give a twenty five year guarantee for the work upon completion.

TWS used their hot spray system for the application of the solution and this in turn cured in minutes. The roofing system was seamless and was also puncture resistant which meant that maintenance was able to be carried out as normal.

Because of the system that TWS used no obstruction was caused to the hospital itself and this meant that the safety of the staff, patients and equipment was uncompromised.

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