Holding Tanks

Heimbach invested in the services of TWS again when they started having problems with industrial guttering. This time it was for a system they could use in a water holding tank that was used for supplying the water for the sprinkler system. Leakage was causing the tank not to fill high enough in order to comply with fire regulations. Due to the fact that the tank was built in the 70’s with very little maintenance carried out since it was in very poor condition.

TWS bonded the tank with a seamless bond and it had 400% elongation with a strong resistance to chemicals. The product used by TWS also meant that the water was safe enough to be in contact with drinking water. TWS were able to repair the damage done to the joints and panels which was quite extensive at this point in time.

Once the tank was cleaned in accordance to EPA guidelines many problems were discovered. The joints were badly damaged and many areas had severe signs of corrosion. Due to safety reasons all the pipe work, valves and the pump system had to be replaced.

Hot spray solution at a thickness of 2mm was applied to the tank and within a week the work was completed with little if any obstruction caused to the running of the factory.

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