Industrial Guttering

Heimbach Ireland contacted TWS in March 2012 as they were having some problems with industrial guttering and flat roofs. It was through recommendation from another company that got TWS the job in this instance. Heimbach had carried out repairs previously but these were unsuccessful and it had come to the point where it had to be fixed to a high standard and TWS were the company for them at the time.

In all there was 3300m of guttering to fix and if Heimbach went with another company to do this they would have to close down the factory as it would be exposed to the elements. Fortunately for TWS they had a solution that would mean the factory could still be in operation while the work was being carried out.

The joints in the guttering had been badly affected from water damage which could be seen quite obviously. TWS primed the gutters with anti-corrosive primer and then with the use of hot spray a liquid waterproof layer was applied. Next a layer of reinforced geotextile was added so the gutters were stronger and would prevent water damage in the future.

Due to the products that TWS use, there was no disturbance caused to the factory or its employees during completion of the work. This option turned out to be the most viable and cost effective solution for the company.

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