Lagoon Construction in County Clare

In 2010 TWS were contacted by Clare County Council to create a lagoon in order to help with drainage problems that were occurring in the area. A mew road was in the process of being constructed in the west of Ireland and as part of this contract a lot of drainage elements were required in order to control the existing streams of water along with the flood water that would be created by the construction of the new road. The year before the area had undergone a series of flooding and the Council were afraid that this would happen again.

It was decided after several discussions that a large attenuation lagoon would have to be constructed and this would store the excess water from the severe weather conditions and the construction of the new road.

Once the seasons changed and weather conditions would improve the water would be released from the lagoon at a rate so as not to overflow the existing drainage system. The lagoon would be used in the event of any spillages of chemicals or fuels that would occur throughout the construction of the road so as not to contaminate the existing water supplies.

Before the bad conditions set in the lining would have to be completed otherwise the excavation would be a waste of time. The lining would control the prospect of polluting the underground water supply that was supplying drinking water to the local area.

Lagoon is six metres deep with a total square metre area of four thousand five hundred. The capacity of the lagoon is 14,000 cu m which is just less than 3.7 million gallons.

It took around two weeks to spray and a geo textile was used in order to form a liner for the lagoon. Once it was completely finished TWS stated that it was useable and the council carried out several checks to ensure everything was to the correct specifications. Once this was complete the project was deemed a success.

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