Smoking Areas

The smoking ban in Ireland created many problems when it was first introduced. For business owners this meant they would have to supply a safe ventilated area for their customers to smoke in. Bars were one of the main businesses that were affected by this new law.

In December 2012 Christy’s bar in Listowel contacted TWS to discuss the construction of a safe smoking area for their customers.

An engineer arranged to meet with the owner of the bar and see the area that was to be used as the smoking area. Upon inspection it was clear that TWS were the right company to work to the job specifications.

TWS used a hot spray technique to lay the waterproof flooring and they also added an anti-slip compound for the safety of the customers. This flooring was very durable and able to withstand heavy traffic and it was fire retardant so that if someone dropped their cigarette on the floor it would not cause damage to the flooring itself.

The owner was very impressed with the completion of the work and it has been a great success for both staff and customers.

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