Reservoirs and Reservoir Tops

This can be a job of great complexity due to the pressure on the walls and base of the reservoir and also the stress on the reservoir top. For this TWS offer a highly durable water resistant resin that is able to cope with the most extreme conditions. The product that TWS use is able to withstand abrasion and load weight. The product can be applied in a variety of different methods and comes with either ten or twenty five years BBA certification depending on which solution is used. The product used by TWS is certified for use with drinking water standards and is safe for the use of human consumption. By having all this certification it is guaranteed that the product is suitable to use in reservoirs as it is safe to use where drinking water is provided.
One advantage of fixing the tops of reservoirs is that it stops contaminated and untreated rain water from entering the reservoir itself. This in turn ensures the safety of the drinking water.

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