Waterproofing Terraces and Balconies

There are two solutions available for this type of waterproofing and these can be used for both non-slip and decorative coating.

External waterproofing option

All exterior surfaces are subject to substantial pedestrian traffic and require a strong membrane that is waterproof and extremely durable and resistant to weight and abrasion pressure. TWS offer a range of different products that can be used for this purpose. Firstly the area is covered with a primer and then a layer of waterproof solution is laid down. Finally another layer of solution is added in order to improve resistance against load and abrasion. Finally a UV stabilised resin is added and this can be blended with anti-slip solution or pigmented to different colours.

Internal Non-Waterproofing System

Pedestrian traffic occurs inside also and TWS offer a product that is low maintenance in order to cope with this. It is resistant to chemical agents that may be used for cleaning. This product offers strengthened protection for the surface. In order to increase friction on the surface some anti-slip solution may be used.

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